JAMES STOKOE - The Salmon Daddy

After being a salmon fishing fanatic for over 20 years, James decided to take the leap from being a car salesman to full time Salmon fishing guide on the river Tyne. A massive influence on his decision was being part of and winning the popular BBC TV eries Earths Wildest Waters - The Big Fish.

After shooting to angling fame, James has since been lucky enough to have presenting roles on BT Sports On The Bank, he presented on live TV for World Fishing Day, featured on Country File, and is an ambassador for numerous fishing organisations. You’ll be hard fetched to find a more excitable and fanatical fishing nut than this lad.

Watch James's latest adventures now with The Untamed Anglers.

Ripon Khalique

Ripon is our legendary coarse fishing fanatic with his favourite fish being chub and barbel.

Out of us all Ripon was the earliest starter. Rip started his journey at the incredible age of 3 where he was taught to fish by his father who learned his skills as a child growing up in Bangladesh. Ripon’s love of fishing is connected to his family’s roots where being able to fish meant being able to eat.

Rip joined James on the BBC's The Big Fish and this is how the duo first met. The Untamed Anglers was always meant to be.

Hywel Morgan

Son of Welsh fishing guru Moc Morgan, Hywel was introduced too fishing at an exceptionally early age. At just two and a half years old Hywel spent his early years fishing the Rivers Teifi and Ystwyth for wild Brown Trout and Sea Trout.

With a career spanning many decades Hywel has fished extensively throughout the UK, Europe, Australia and in the USA. Hywel's love of performing started with local country fairs, then progressed to the CLA Game Fair where for three successive years he won every casting event, all before he was sixteen years old. He then turned to the British Casting Association and started to compete at British, European and World casting championships. During this time he amassed the following titles: World Games Accuracy Casting Champion, European Distance Casting Champion, European Silver Medallist (Accuracy), 14 British casting records, 6 times All Round British Champion, Over 100 British Individual titles World Record holder for multiple casting (66 rods cast simultaneously).

A wonderful teacher and friend, Hywel is the glue that binds The Untamed Anglers and he definitely contributes the most to the bag numbers.

Jonathan McGee

Having grown up in rural North Yorkshire, Producer/Director Jonathan has always been a mad fisherman so when the opportunity arose to combine his passion for angling and a TV series everything else was dropped!

Jonathan runs an established media agency specialising in outdoor pursuits so has decades of experience behind both camera and rod. His skilled direction gives this Iconic TV series an incredible level of authenticity, not to mention well timed humour.

Jonathan met James and Ripon for a chat about their ideas and they've all been great friends since. Now the team is already planning series 2 and 3.

We hope you'll join us on the journey.

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